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LIVE-STREAM: Why we need Jesus’ help with our sexualities


NBC is hosting a live-stream of Moore College’s seminar: “Why we need Jesus’ help with our sexualities” with guest speaker Ed Shaw.  

The topic of sexuality is hotly contested in the current cultural moment. This evening will equip us to understand sexuality from a biblical perspective.

Ed Shaw will help us see how Jesus is just the man we need to help us with the sexual confusion we may experience.

Event Details: 

21 August 7pm-9.30pm

Free live-stream to NBC Education Centre + supper provided

Bring your community group!

About Ed Shaw:

Pastor Ed Shaw of Emmanuel Church Bristol, UK experiences same-sex attraction, is committed to Scripture and Biblical teaching of fidelity in heterosexual marriage and celibacy in singleness.

Ed will share his experience in dealing with these issues, and shows us that obedience to Jesus is ultimately the only way to experience life to the full.

He’ll show that the Bible’s teaching seems unreasonable not because of its difficulties, but because of missteps that society and the church have taken in their understanding of the Christian life.

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