Student Poetry

Mercy – Jemah Curtis


Warmed with a radiant fiery glow

A euphoric tingling seeping through to my core

My heart

An incandescent beacon

All pain diminished

The open flame licks at the singed edges of my life

Torn away and forgotten


Embers fly free into the endless night

Bringing light to all those who wander in darkness


I let go of the all-consuming guilt

Blinding light pierces the impenetrable black

My soul

My shackles unbound

Sorrows defeated

Pulsing sparks wink against the sky

A trail of breadcrumbs

To my life left behind


I gaze into the mirror

Shattered and broken

My life

No longer faced with the same dull reflection

A luminous smile lights up my face

Returning each lifeless shard

To its former glory

Not a scratch to mark the shameful past

Undeserving and unworthy

My burden is lifted.


Silent Matters


How lucky

We are

To live in such a country

How free

We are

To carry our Bibles in hand

His gospel on our lips

Free to share with anyone who will



There are others out


Who are not so lucky

Unjust laws binding their hands

And mouths



Why does it have to be?

I praise the


That I am not one of the 100 million

Christians being persecuted



For their Faith.


My brothers and sisters

Are in need

Their piercing cries






This matters to me

This matters to Him.


Every day the devoted

The faithful

The loyal

Are murdered unjustly for their unwavering



The world is blind. Oblivious

To the injustice committed worldwide



‘’Christian martyrs were a thing of the past. That doesn’t happen anymore.’’

‘’Like, as in those crazy religious people who died on the stake?’’


Like, as in the 105 000 steadfast Christians martyred



They are dying

At this very moment.


And what for?

A message of

Love. Forgiveness. Hope.


Times haven’t changed

No, not


The world hasn’t gotten any better


More Christians were

Martyred in the




Than in ALL other centuries



Don’t be racist.

You say

Don’t be sexist.

You say

Don’t be homophobic.

You say

Don’t be prejudiced.

You say


‘’Don’t discriminate.’’

We are told.


In the long list of phobias

Where is


Don’t discriminate.

‘’Christians: The world’s most persecuted people’’



Jemah is in year 9 at Oxford Falls Grammar School.


Narrabeen Baptist