So you might’ve noticed that we are not having Youth Camp in October in 2019. Here is a short explanation why the NBC Youth Leadership have decided it will be better for us to run it in Summer.

  1. Kicks the Year Off Well

Going into a new year off the momentum created by a camp is a great way for NBC Youth to start as well as being a great way for our kids to start a year off. Motivating kids to start the year off well with God is what we are aiming to do by moving camp to January. 

2. More Reliable Weather

Although we have been pretty fortunate with the weather we have experienced in October the last few years, there has been more than a few times the weather has got in the way of our plans on Youth Camp. In January the weather is warmer and it’s more predictable, which means we can run a better camp! 

3. Year 12s are Able to Attend in January

One of the problems we have found with running a camp in October is that it excludes Yr12s from attending because it’s only a couple weeks before their HSC exams. We want our year 12 students to feel welcomed and catered for during one of the toughest years of their schooling, so we think it’s important that they can be a part of our biggest event (Camp). If the camp is in January, there is nothing in their schooling program that will clash with it. 

4. More Time to prep for Camp during Summer

Another struggled that our volunteers have had with October camp is just how busy we all find ourselves in the lead up to camp. During term 3 we are busy running Friday Night Youth, then in the first week of the Spring holidays NBC Youth runs HSC Study Hall for yr 12 students, then we run camp in the second week, then we start the term 4 program the following Friday. It’s exhausting and it affects our programs and our motivation. On top of all that the uni students have study and exams during this time too. moving camp to summer means there is the summer break to prep for camp and uni isn’t on concurrently. 

We realise this might be hard for some families to adjust to because of family holidays and calendars, but ultimately we think this change is for the better. Better for the health of NBC Youth, better for the leaders, and most importantly, better for the youth.

If you have more particular questions or comments you want to make, contact Daniel who is always keen to have a chat about any concerns you might have. 

Daniel Leach