Term 2 series God isn't Absent: Acts


Many people say that there probably is a God out there somewhere, but that he stopped paying attention to what was happening in the world a long time ago. Like a builder who builds a house and leave it to slowly deteriorate, they say that God might’ve made everything, but he shortly after left it alone. “God is absent”, they say. 

But the Bible says God isn’t like that! God is not absent, he is fully present and at work in his world. The book in the Bible called ‘Acts’ tells us all about how God acts in his world. The book has traditionally been called "the Acts of the Apostles", but that wasn't it's original name. It could have equally have been called "the acts of God" or "the acts of the risen Jesus" or "the acts of the Holy Spirit", because it is God who is the most present character all the way through the book!

So in term 2 we are going to be studying Acts in our Daily Bible Reading Journals and together at Friday Night Youth. 

Here are some of the big lessons from Acts about God being at work in his work:

  • God has plans and He fulfils His plans
  • Jesus is at the centre of God’s present work in the world
  • The Holy Spirit is at work in the world when people trust in Jesus
  • Jesus will build his church

By reading this book of the Bible we hope to be encouraged by God’s presence and work in the world from the start of the church until now, and until Jesus comes back in the same way he went into heaven (Acts 1:11)!

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