What I Learnt at KYCK18

One of the main points I took away from kyck this year was that we are not of this world and that as christians we need to act different even if it means being rejected by the world. Because even if we are rejected by the world, you are accepted by god. You are never closer to Jesus than when you are suffering because of his name.

Being different from the world means living a bold distinct life in a holy way which will make people want to know how you live that way which then allows us the opportunity to tell the world how good god is.

Another thing that really stood out to me was that we are here to change people not to be changed by people. As gods chosen people, we need to be full of kindness, spreading love and resisting temptation. We need to share the word with gentleness and respect and not put people off Christianity by being forceful or disrespectful.

I also learnt that as christians, we are called to submit. I found the talk about submission very interesting as I hadn’t really heard much about it before. 1 peter 2:13 says “submit yourself for the lords sake to every human authority” and this is so people will come to know him and to show the world that Jesus is our king.

We need to remember that Jesus trusted god and we should too. Most importantly we need to be humble as it allows us to stand firm and is the weapon god has given us so we can resist the devil. Remember that our king is on the throne and he is the one who has promised to restore us and take us to heaven and when god makes a promise, he keeps it.

Daniel Leach