Parent Info Meeting


Below is the text of what Daniel said about NBC Youth at this meeting. If you have questions about the things said here, or if you have any other inquiries, feel free to email Daniel (

Hi, Thanks so much for coming along to this meeting. I’m just going to take a bit of time to introduce the youth leaders and tell you a bit about NBC Youth.


Mia Leach- yr 7/8 girls

James Boyer- yr 11 boys

Holly Wakeford- yr 12s

Tom Grover- yr 9 boys

Nicole Ohanesian- yr 6 girls

Sharon Skilton- yr 11 girls

Jake Skilton- yr 11 boys

Aaron Skilton- yr 11 boys

Ruth Kydd- yr 6 girls

Elizah Chown- yr 9 girls

Annie Brzezinski- yr 10 girls

Katie Bosler- yr 10 girls

Isaac Mann- yr 11 boys

Ben Skilton- yr 9/10 boys

Daniel Brocklebank- yr 6/7 boys

James O’Malley- yr 6/7 boys

Joel Mann- yr 8 boys


We really love your kids. And we want to see them grow up in Jesus and following him all their days. 

Sincerely. I care about every one of your kids. And because I care about them, i want to partner with you. 

Parents are primary. Youth Ministry is supportive. 

“The evidence clearly shows that the single most important social influence on the religious and spiritual lives of adolescents is their parents. Grandparents and other relatives, mentors, and youth workers can be very influential as well. But normally parents are most important in forming their children’s religious and spiritual lives.”

Research by Christian Smith ‘Soul Searching’

My mate Mitch (yth minister at St Faiths) was saying to me last week that no youth ministry he was involved with as a HS-er had the level of impact that his families daily devotional had. 

So I would really love to support you guys with your home discipleship. 

  • if you ever want to chat about what you can do to engage your high schooler. Call or text me. Email me with questions. Talk to me at decktime

  • if you want some resources. I’m happy to point you in the direction of things that I think are helpful. I send out a weekly email or text (which, if you don’t get, please leave your details here), and I’m trying to include in that a resource to educate or discuss with your kids (coz they go to both parents and kids). 


Make an effort to get your kid along to NBC Youth programs. OR multiple programs.

We see ourselves as complimentary to the stuff you do at home. Like the military alongside the navy. Or the air force in support of the army. 

We say at NBC Youth that it’s never about programs, it’s always about people. So it’s not so much about getting your kids to a program as integrating them with people who are alongside them in the faith (peers) and mentoring them in the faith (leaders). 

These fantastic leaders are here because they want to be involved in your kids lives. And I think your kids lives will be richly blessed by the input of these leaders. 

Programs are subservient to our vision to build people. so here are our programs. 

FNY: our main meeting each week. All in, Bible talks for 20 mins, discussion groups for 20 mins, activity for 20 mins, social time. Singing. it’s such a rich blessing for our young community. 

God is really using Friday Night Youth. We made goal to have 70 kids regularly attending on Friday nights by the beginning of 2019 at the beginning of 2018. We were averaging about 40 kids a week at the start of 2018. 

Toasties: this is what we do during morning church at the 9am service and the 11am service. This is essentially a bible study with food that we do during the sermon. We aim to do a Bible study for 25 minutes. Then use the other time to pray, or play a game. 

It’s open to everyone, but it’s especially aimed at early high school. Coz we aim to have Youth Community groups for the older ones.

Youth Community groups: we are trying to do this more and more. get together during the week in someones home or sometimes here at church in year groups to do bible study together. And to grow closer together. This is especially for the seniors (yr9-12). 

Camps/ KYCK/ Etc: We would love to see your kids make an effort to be at these things. They have immeasurable value in the spiritual development of kids. Take a fridge magnet to see our yearly calendar. 

If you’re having an issue trying to get your kids along to stuff, don’t hesitate to contact me about it. I can chat to you about it. Try to facilitate other kids your childs age and gender to meet. I don’t know. But i care for every one of your kids. So I’m willing to try things to see them grow.


We used to collect coins. but no one has coins anymore. can you send $20 a term? In the text/email i send on Monday I’ll ask. And then the first email/text of the term, i’ll put that in.

If you want, you can encourage your kid to be the one who pays. That way they are learning good stewardship from a young age. faithful with a little, faithful with a lot.  

At the Parent Info Meeting on Sunday we  mentioned more effective ways of donating $2 weekly for the running of NBC Youth. If you would like to give $20 to cover term 1, please give to this account: 
Account: Narrabeen Baptist Church
BSB: 704 922
Account No: 100012961


Please pray for NBC Youth, and encourage your kids to pray for it too. We would love it if you prayed for NBC Youth with your high schoolers.

Narrabeen Baptist