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Youth Mission Month: Junior Sleepover!

During Mission Month NBC Youth is hosting Friday Night Youth events that are designed to attract kids for the first time to Youth Group! Our hope is that kids will come along and find meaningful community and a chance to think about God and Jesus more deeply. And we hope they will settle into our community for the long hall!

An event we are hosting which achieves all these goals is the Junior sleepover. Giving kids a chance to grow closer to each other, spending more time together than the regular 2 hours on a Friday night. I know that for some kids (and parents) the idea of a sleepover can be a bit daunting, but I encourage you to come because it will be really valuable to feel at home in the youth community. If you’ve got concerns or questions, keep reading. If you still have concerns after reading this, feel free to contact Daniel ( or 0448 326 699).


6:30 arrive and put your sleeping stuff upstairs

6:45-7:15 wide game at the park across the road from NBC

7:15-8:00 sing and talk (“why bother with God?”)

8:00-9:00 games

9:00-10:30 Movie (the movie will be PG, please email Daniel if you’d like to know what it is)

10:30 Make bed and prepare for bed

11:00 Bed time

11:15 Lights out

11:15-7:00 Sleep

7:00-9:00am Breakfast & Games

If your child is unable to stay over the night for any reason, you can come and pick them up from church at 9:30pm.

Addressing Concerns

All the Youth leaders have working with children numbers, which means they are permitted by the government to work with people below 18yo. They have also participated in Safe Ministry Training called “Creating Safe Spaces” (, which has trained them in best practices with people under 18yo.

The kids will be monitored during the night to ensure that they do not stay up all night, or attempt to sneak out. Bed time will be enforced.

Boys and Girls will be sleeping in separate spaces during the night, and multiple youth leaders of each gender will be staying in the same spaces as their respective gender.

If you have any further concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Daniel (email: or mobile: 0448 326 699).

Thank you for partnering with us!


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